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  • Episode 117

    Die Laughing 2017 winners Michael MacDonald and Cara White make their third appearance on the show and sample Trader Joe’s Highland 12yr and Tomatin Dualchas in our latest installment of “Scotch on the Cheap”.

  • Episode 106

    Ian returns and we sample the Longrow Red and Tomatin Manzanilla.

  • Episode 81

    We had a special treat this month–our guest is a native Glaswegian! Perrin’s friend Brian, aka Q, joins us to taste expressions we weren’t sure how to pronounce from Tomatin (Cù Bòcan) and Ardbeg (Uigeadail).

  • Episode 74

    Tyler and Skot of True Stone Coffee Roasters return to taste the Tomatin Cuatro Oloroso and the Glen Grant 16yr, but we start tasting a new coffee they are selling. Good times were had by all.

    If you go to their website and use code “scotch” during checkout, you’ll get 10% off your entire order.

  • Episode 64

    Perrin makes a visual joke and then talks about his wife’s love of mushes, after which I regale the group with a mush story not my own. One of my cats proves he’s a little shit by playing with some, causing a mild distraction. We also talk some shit about the actors in the Star Wars prequels, mostly Hayden, because why not. It’s XTL story hour!

    Oh yeah, there’s some scotch tasting too–Tomatin 25yr and Ardbeg Supernova.

  • Episode 53

    Theatrical renaissance-man Tim Uren joins us and discusses the many hats he’s worn in his career, his desire to be a monsterologist, and speaks daggers at mezcal. We also discuss the need to invent the fuck-off apple and put out a request for a graphic artist to make us a banner and new audio file avatar, payment in an appearance on the show and scotch (if local).

    This months expressions: Clynelish 14yr and Tomatin 18yr

    Ghoulish Delights is the theater troupe Tim works with.
    Twin Cities Horror Festival is an annual series of horror plays that Tim helps organize.

  • Episode 10

    Bob and Dawn make their hilarious return and we taste the Tomatin 12yr and Laphroaig 18yr.