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  • Episode 112

    Ken’s back for a short episode wherein we sample Grangestone Rum and Ardbeg Kelpie.

  • Episode 87

    Author and sometime columnist Rob Callahan and improv comedian Shea Roberts join us for Ardbeg Dark Cove (graciously provided by Shea) and Highland Park Dark Origins.

    P.S. Due to my being a poor time manager, this is post both late and unedited. Blame Blizzard 😀

  • Episode 81

    We had a special treat this month–our guest is a native Glaswegian! Perrin’s friend Brian, aka Q, joins us to taste expressions we weren’t sure how to pronounce from Tomatin (Cù Bòcan) and Ardbeg (Uigeadail).

  • Episode 78

    The Stitelers return and we sample Ardbeg Perpetuum and Laphroaig 15yr Limited Edition.

  • Episode 72

    We run a little long again because we’re still joined by James Fairbairn from The Awfulcopter (huey huey huey huey huey), who has passionate reactions to this episode’s pours and tells us a couple stories, one of which I actually ask for. We taste the Kilchoman 2nd Edition and the Ardbeg Auriverdes. Oh, and Dave’s still gone, the loser.

  • Episode 64

    Perrin makes a visual joke and then talks about his wife’s love of mushes, after which I regale the group with a mush story not my own. One of my cats proves he’s a little shit by playing with some, causing a mild distraction. We also talk some shit about the actors in the Star Wars prequels, mostly Hayden, because why not. It’s XTL story hour!

    Oh yeah, there’s some scotch tasting too–Tomatin 25yr and Ardbeg Supernova.

  • Special Edition 02 – Convergence 2014 Episode 1

    We at Xtreme Tasting League: Scotch had the privilege of being able to sit down with some of the Guests of Honor and other notables of Convergence 2014 before the convention actually started. We recorded three separate episodes due to the time constraints these folks were under, though two people were able to attend all three recordings, one of whom was CVG 2014 Musical Guest, Matthew Ebel, who was kind enough to donate a couple of tracks to the second episode.

    Episode 1:

    Guests: Andrew McKay, Jim Kakalios, Matthew Ebel, Scott Lynch, Elizabeth Bear, Emma Bull, Will Shetterly

  • Episode 6

    Episode 6 heralds the triumphant return of the hosts of Apropos of Nothing. On the business end, we taste The Speyside 12yr and Ardbeg 10yr, talk about the Deadly Sins as they apply to us, and Salsa takes us out with a toast.