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  • Episode 65

    Dave’s back, Perrin’s gone, and burlesque performer Mona Montague joins us for the first of our October shows, a “scotch on the cheap” episode, where we taste the Auchentoshan Classic and Glen Ness 12yr. Mona will performing this weekend in the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival and we do hope you’ll go check out the shows.

  • Episode 56

    We’re back with our Die Laughing 2 winner, Cicely Robin Laing, to talk about all her improv troupes and we welcome her (formerly) sober cab, Roger, while we taste Auchentoshan 12yr and Glen Dronach 14yr finished in Sauternes barrels.

  • Special Edition 5

    A Christmas bonus for everyone, here’s the show we recorded at OmegaCon 2014. Have a happy New Year!

  • Episode 46

    Eric and Jason return, Eric talks about his Fearless Comedy Productions show, Double Blind Improv, and we drink some Auchentoshan American Oak and Glenmorangie Finealta.

    Sorry this was posted late.

  • The Pilot

    So, here’s the pilot recording Dave and I did with the other friends with whom we were doing an informal Scotch club.  What you’ll hear is a completely unedited recording, and it’s pretty obvious we had no clue what we were doing at first, but found our feet relatively quickly.  Having Matt from AONPodcast present was a blessing, as he helped us minimize the dead air and provided an excellent interview such that we hope you get a good idea of where we are coming from and what we hope this podcast will be.


    Note: this was recorded in October 2012, so the November 30 steak and Scotch dinner Dave speaks of has come and gone–sorry. It’s likely the sponsoring group will do something similar again next year, and we’ll try to keep you posted.

    Which Glenmorangie is which? We couldn’t remember, so here’s the list of what is finished in the varied casks.
    La Santa – Sherry
    Quinta Ruban – Port
    Nectar d’Or – Sauternes