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  • Episode 115

    Fearless Comedy Productions member Andrea joins Perrin and Cetius to sample the Hakushu 12yr and Amrut Intermediate Sherry.

    Sorry this is so late folks, and that it’s being posted well after Twin Cities Horror Festival ended (contrary to the episode’s content). We also failed to mention that Top Valu Liquor in Columbia Heights is again running their 15% off all single malts sale, so if you’re a local, please swing by and purchase some tasty whisky.

  • Episode 86

    Special guest Lauren Haven returns, along with guest host Eric Thompson, to taste the Amrut Portonova and Connemara Cask Strength.

  • Episode 8

    In our second recording at OmegaSpring, Perrin returns and donates two Amruts to the cause, pilot attendee Jesse Aubart graces us with his presence, and we share our pain concerning sci-fi series that died too soon.