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  • Episode 56

    We’re back with our Die Laughing 2 winner, Cicely Robin Laing, to talk about all her improv troupes and we welcome her (formerly) sober cab, Roger, while we taste Auchentoshan 12yr and Glen Dronach 14yr finished in Sauternes barrels.

  • Episode 44

    Porter’s back and shares a bit about his podcast, Burn and Brew, while we drink the Glendronach 15yr Revival and the Balvenie 14yr Caribbean Cask.

  • Episode 35

    This month, we are happy to be joined by the owner and founder of Stand-Up Records, Dan Schlissel, who talks about how the label came about while we drink the Balvenie 12yr Double Wood and Glendronach 12yr.