Episode 35

This month, we are happy to be joined by the owner and founder of Stand-Up Records, Dan Schlissel, who talks about how the label came about while we drink the Balvenie 12yr Double Wood and Glendronach 12yr.

One Response to Episode 35

  1. For me the most important thing is what is in the blotte and not what is on the label. I liked the Valinch and the A’Bunadh for exemple. Although it is fairly easy to find the starter of the line to be i.e a 10 year old. When I started I’ve never figured out what was the starter of the line by Bruichladdich, but that didn’t stop me for trying. In this trend though I’m happy that it is reasonable easy to find samples to try first before you buy I’m not sure about Macallan colours range, colour is easily and widely altered . If darker means better in there opinion, why did they ever stop using sherry casks then ? I fear they will happily colour the whisky, but is it better then ? Well we will see!