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  • Episode 119

    Our friend Shea Roberts returns and helps us sample the Highland Park Magnus and Laphroaig’s Cairdeas 2016 (Madeira Cask).

  • Episode 114

    The Lyritics are back and we sample Highland Park Valkyrie and Benromach Peat Smoke.

  • Episode 108

    Carly returns and suffers through the Highland Park Ice and Fire with us. Seriously folks, none of us liked these and with their price point, unless you 1) are a huge HP fan, 2) really want the bottles for display, or 3) have more money than taste, we advise you to steer clear.

  • Episode 103

    Ryan Alexander joins us at OmegaCon for Glen Scotia Victoriana and Highland Park Sigurd.

    May the Fourth be with you!

  • Episode 87

    Author and sometime columnist Rob Callahan and improv comedian Shea Roberts join us for Ardbeg Dark Cove (graciously provided by Shea) and Highland Park Dark Origins.

    P.S. Due to my being a poor time manager, this is post both late and unedited. Blame Blizzard 😀

  • Episode 83

    Author Kelly McCullough joins us to taste Highland Park 15yr and Bruichladdich Rockside. Sadly, we are without Dave again.

    Apologies for the lateness on posting and light editing, but CONvergence was early this year.

  • Episode 57

    Movie maven Melissa Kaercher recently invited Cetius over to record for one of her podcasts, Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome, and so we’re having her on (again!) with us. She’s joined us for a Special Edition, but we give her the full episode treatment this time while we taste the last of Highland Park’s Valhalla series, Odin, and the Glen Deveron 16yr.

  • Special Edition 5

    A Christmas bonus for everyone, here’s the show we recorded at OmegaCon 2014. Have a happy New Year!

  • Episode 41

    Our first-ever guest taster, Peter Buckholtz, returns to talk about custom leather tooling, his job during the 2014 RenFest season; the trials and tribulations of buying and selling one’s house; and, of course, scotch. This time around, we sample some independent bottlers, which means that while they are responsible for the finished product, they did not distill the whiskey themselves and craft the expression from the casks they were sold by a distiller. This time around, we taste a Gordon & MacPhail bottling of Macallan and a Murray McDavid Highland Park. Confused? Listen to the episode for clarification.

  • Special Edition 03 – Convergence 2014 Episode 2

    We at Xtreme Tasting League: Scotch had the privilege of being able to sit down with some of the Guests of Honor and other notables of Convergence 2014 before the convention actually started. We recorded three separate episodes due to the time constraints these folks were under, though two people were able to attend all three recordings, one of whom was CVG 2014 Musical Guest, Matthew Ebel, who was kind enough to donate a couple of tracks to the second episode.

    Episode 2

    Guests: Andrew McKay, Matthew Ebel
    Music: I Wish I Were & Everybody Needs A Ninja by Matthew Ebel