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  • Episode 109

    Returning guest Paul von Stoetzel and first-time guest Steffen Moeller join us for an independent bottlers episode wherein we sample a Signatory Edradour 11yr and a Battlehill Bladnoch 22yr.

  • Episode 105

    Ian Bryan, the “crappy genie” spoken of on the High Five Guys podcast, joins us to sample the Edradour distillery’s Ballechin Bordeaux and Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series #1, an IPA finished single malt.

  • Episode 95

    Fearless Comedy Productions member Cara White and her husband, Michael MacDonald, join us for The Glenrothes Peated and Edradour’s Ballechin 10yr.

  • Episode 49

    It’s Season 3! Fearless Comedy Productions member and frequent Apropos of Nothing Fast 5 contributor St. Manna the Destroyer joins us to taste the Edradour Caladonia 12yr and Smokehead. We poke some good fun at AON and it’s hosts and talk about a couple of Scotch hotspots in Chicago.

  • Episode 11

    We’re back with another exciting episode, this time with local event hosts/commentators Ian Rans and Jeremy Stomberg. We talk about all kinds of random things while we taste the Edradour 10yr and Glenfiddich 18yr–so many things in fact that we’ve set a new record for episode length. Was it entertaining? We thought so, and expect you will to!