Episode 10

Bob and Dawn make their hilarious return and we taste the Tomatin 12yr and Laphroaig 18yr.

3 Responses to Episode 10

  1. Avatar Dianagenta
    Dianagenta says:

    I love Dave’s reading of the distillery website’s descriptions of its product. His tone and inflection are those of a New Age self-help meditation tape. ^_^

    • Hahah magic smoke, I know exactly what you mean (my buargkocnd is in software engineering). If you associate the peatiness with the smoke and then associate the peatiness to the utter horror of frying your chip (or anything else on the board) then I can imagine it being an unpleasant experience. Islays are all smoky and peaty in this way though Laphroaig and Lagavulin are probably the most famous of the Islays. It was probably a huge departure from your Balvenie right? That’s a Speyside so it’s got more of the floral and fruity flavors that would get dominated by the heavy peat-factor of Islays. I’m a huge fan of Balvenie, specifically the DoubleWood, because that sherry imparts a nice bonus; and Glenlivet, another Speyside.I’m a newbie too and while I try not to categorize based on region too much, in this case it’s unavoidable.

  2. Avatar Dianagenta
    Dianagenta says:

    “Inner peace and Wellness Through Scotch Visiualization”, now only $79.95