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  • Episode 54

    Tim Uren returns and talks about Ghoulish Delights and the Twin Cities Horror Fest and I ask him to talk about stepping onto the dance floor in a Fringe show last year. We make some D&D references while we add water to the second pour, for reasons that are evident when you listen, and we toast out on a story in praise of large chocolate malts.

    We taste the Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams (2nd American edition) and Glen Garioch 21yr.

  • Episode 17

    Comedian and actor Kelvin Hatle joins us for our first tasting of October. We discuss his involvement with the Minnesota Fringe Festival and my cats, interestingly enough. It seems they want to be internet famous, too!

    Sorry this is a day late, folks. Believe me when I say I wish my schedule allowed for it to be on time.