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  • Episode 47

    Josh Nite of the Horror Show Hotdog podcast joins us, talks about writing Fearless Comedy Productions’ first full-length show, The Secret of Gravethwait Manor, and tastes the Deanston 12yr and Isle of Jura 16yr.

    We forgot to mention it during the show, but Josh has a YouTube channel where he sings:

    Also, BBC Radio 4 did an audio-dramatization of “Good Omens” which is worth a listen. It’s only live on the site for free until mid-January, so listen soon:

  • Episode 31

    Brianne Bilyeu, winner of our donation of a guest spot to be auctioned at Die Laughing 2014, joins us for the first of her two shows. Not only that, but she brought us a present, the Deanston Virgin Oak, which we taste along side the Glen Scotia, our first trip to the Campbeltown region on the podcast. As it was the end of April, we again recorded at OmegaSpring, the relax-a-con where we drink, play board games, and lounge in the hot tub.