Episode 77

Author, beekeeper, and bird-watcher Sharon “Birdchick” Stiteler and her writer/director/entertainer husband Bill join us for our tasting of the Benromach 10yr and Ainsley Brae Oak Cask.

In case you see this right away, Bill will be hosting Powerpoint Karaoke, an improv comedy show, tonight at the Fantasy Flight Gaming Center in Roseville and again at Fearless Comedy Production’s Die Laughing 3, which is coming up April 8-10. Bill and Sharon will also perform in a few events–check the schedule on the website for details. I (Cetius) will be performing & volunteering here and there throughout the weekend and also auctioned off for a date Friday evening (probably). You can also bid on a guest spot on this show during our Silent Auction, so do please come out to see us.