Episode 61

Do you like theater? We sure do, and that’s why we’ve invited two participants in this year’s Minnesota Fringe Festival to join us. Natalie Rae Wass is dancing in Bollywood Dance Scene’s “Spicy Masala Chai” at the Rarig Proscenium while Matthew Kessen acts in Comedy Suitcase’s “The Averagers” at Theatre in the Round. Both shows still have tickets available for select dates but reserve yours now as they may very well sell out!

We also talk about the Encyclopedia Show, a monthly collection of performances based around a single topic, to which both Matt and Natalie are frequent contributors. He also tells us briefly of his monster presentation archive Rev. Matt’s Monster Science. Both of our guests are also members of Green T Productions, who will be at this year’s MN State Fair (on certain days anyway).

But this is our show, Xtreme Tasting League: Scotch, and so we also need some special guest star whiskeys. This month, that means Cragganmore Distiller’s Edition (2011) and Glenfiddich Age of Discovery.

I’d also like to apologize for how quickly we wrap our show this month. We had to rush the ending somewhat as Natalie needed to get Matthew to a rehearsal. This is what happens when you schedule actors during one of the busiest performance week’s of the year.