Episode 27

We are pleased to be joined by Charles Hubbell–actor, puppeteer, and all-around great guy. He and I reminisce about how we met and the show we worked on together (two shows, if you count shouting callbacks during the Rocky Horror Show) and discuss a bunch of random things while we taste the Laphroaig Cairdeas Origin and Balblair 91. Charles also has a Kickstarter running for a new puppet-related comedy project that will be live for a couple days after this goes live; here’s the link.

Also to note, I pimp a few shows in the post-script:
Former guest of the show Jena Young’s “Memoirs of a Welfare Queen” will run March 7-8 at 7pm at the Bryant Lake Bowl.
Fearless Comedy Productions “Big Fun Radio Funtime” will run March 7 at 10pm (after Jena’s show–I’m doing the double feature).
Finally, I will be performing stand-up at Fearless Lab at Honey on March 11 at 7:30pm.