• Episode 93

    Improv comedian Jessi Goins joins us while we taste Macallan 12yr Double Cask and Bowmore 15yr Darkest.

    Also, please check out former guest phillip andrew bennett low’s new podcast, Not So Silent Planet and like it on Facebook.

  • Episode 92

    Show notes later….

  • Episode 91

    Oh my goodness–Dave’s back! We go guest-less for the first time ever but we’re still doing our thing, this time tasting the Glenmorangie Milsean and Glenfiddich 14yr Bourbon Barrel Reserve, a U.S. exclusive bottling.

  • Episode 90

    Show notes forthcoming….

  • Episode 89

    Die Laughing 3 auction winner Jaime Mcclellan joins us for a “scotch on the cheap” show featuring Trader Joe’s Speyside 8yr and The Torran. Again, Dave was unable to attend the recording, but we swear he’s still part of the show, though he’s less of a running gag this time.

    Sorry for the late posting. I’ve been worse than usual with time management lately.

  • Episode 88

    Rob Callahan and Shea Roberts return for Gordan MacPhail bottlings of Glenlivet 15 and Mortlach.

  • Episode 87

    Author and sometime columnist Rob Callahan and improv comedian Shea Roberts join us for Ardbeg Dark Cove (graciously provided by Shea) and Highland Park Dark Origins.

    P.S. Due to my being a poor time manager, this is post both late and unedited. Blame Blizzard 😀

  • Episode 86

    Special guest Lauren Haven returns, along with guest host Eric Thompson, to taste the Amrut Portonova and Connemara Cask Strength.

  • OMG, it’s the Fringe!

    For those that don’t want to skip to the end of Episode 85, here’s the complete listing of all Fearless, Fearless member, and former guests of this show’s Fringe shows.

  • Episode 85

    New guest Lauren Haven and returning guest Eric Thompson–both of The High Five Guys, News From Honeytown, and Redshift podcasts–join us for the Lismore 15yr and the Grangestone Master’s Selection.