• Welcome to the Xtreme Tasting
    League: Scotch Podcast

    Dave and I would like to thank you for checking out our podcast and website.

    As the name suggests, we will be tasting Scotch whiskeys and giving you our opinions of them. We aren’t professional tasters but have been sampling Scotches seriously for a number of years and would like to share our experiences with you, the listener.

    The original idea for this podcast was spitballed at a regular event we attended with some other friends, and the pilot episode was recorded with that group to see if we could step up our game, as it were. The other two members of our informal club declined further participation in the podcast, but Dave and I have pressed on, and we hope you enjoy what is to come.

    What we plan to bring to you is greater knowledge so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. When we first started out, we had no idea what to expect out of many of the bottles we purchased, and while that’s still often true, we have a much better guess as to the likely flavors of the bottle before we even open it, based on our experiences. Hopefully you’ll come to know us well enough that you’ll be able to take us shopping with you, and having listened to our taste tests, be able to buy Scotch whiskey that you know you’ll enjoy.

    But don’t think that we’re going to be complete snobs about our tastings. Oh, no. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll be pretentious now and again, but what we hope to bring is a bit of humor to the proceedings, at least enough to make our show fun to listen to.

    We’re also hoping that some of you will play along with us, as we’ll be letting you know what bottles will be in our next show. Please feel free to buy a pour of one or both Scotches at your local pub and see if you agree with us and post your own findings in the comments section of each show.

    Weclome to the Xtreme Tasting League!